This poster presents, a bibliometric study used like an assistance instrument for the strategic positioning of a scientific area. The aim of this bibliometric study was to help the work of an Advisory Scientific Committee by offering a global and "objective" view of the position and the evolution of the scientific activity of the Aix-Marseilles area.

The methodology employed is quite original for a bibliometric study. It was strongly inspired by strategic analysis methods carried out in companies. The implemented strategic analysis process involves :

  1. the definition of strategic scientific units to be analyzed,
  2. the selection of competitors to be gauged with, 3) the choice of competitive analysis criterion to position the strategic scientific units,
  3. and finally, the construction of the graphical representation of the scientific portfolio of the Aix-Marseille area according to two indicators : indicator of the “competitive” position and indicator of the scientific dynamics.

Such a strategic analysis process for analyzing a scientific portfolio allows positioning the strategic scientific fields of the Aix-Marseilles area in relation to the "competition".

The graphical representation of this scientific portfolio :
-  summarizes many raw data scoreboards in only one graph,
-  positions all the scientific fields on the same graph,
-  evaluates the effort that the scientific area must make to catch up with the leader in each field,
-  shows if the scientific area activity is growing sufficiently in each field either to maintain or to catch up the gap with the leader,
-  shows the trend through time of the scientific area activity in each field.

At the methodological point of view, this strategic analysis process has the advantage to be easily accepted by the recipients of the bibliometric study because :
-  the key factors are defined and selected by the recipients,
-  the research players took part in the definition process of the scientific boundaries for each field and in that way legitimate the bibliometric results.

Regarding the contribution of this bibliometric study for the Advisory Scientific Comitee :
-  the results emphasize the scientific policy that the scientific area wants to communicate
-  the results help in confirming or invalidating the international position of each scientific fields
-  overall, the result of this bibliometric analysis was encouraging for all scientific players

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